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My Story

Since I can remember I have had an affinity with electronics.

At High School, we had computer class rooms, where you got one lesson per week. Students had to share computers and take turns as there weren’t enough computers for everyone.

When I was about 14 my parents bought a second hand computer with a manual to help with their business.  The computer sat there and sat there.  When I asked why they had not used it I was told “they hadn’t had time to work it out”.

So I sat down with the computer and manual (about 5cm high) and taught myself the computer and the loaded program. I in turn then taught my parents to use the computer.  This was my first real foray into computers.

Since then I have had many jobs, mostly office administration all with one thing in common ‘computers’ and learning lots of different programs.  Whilst still being the person everyone calls when they have a computer/technical questions or problem to fix.

Most recently I was working for a printing company where I further developed my computer skills and found a love of graphic design.

I have taken this to the edge and now have added Web Designing, Web Hosting and Graphic Designing to my skills which I can offer my clients.

My biggest asset is my "Can Do" attitude and the fact that I want to make my clients happy.